I Was A Sponge For Negative Energy

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Angie ZXUH

I was a sponge for negative energy…

I was so excited to attend this mediumship group reading! When it was all said and done, I was a tad disappointed and had a HUGE headache. There was a family that attended that were simply dripping in drama. I expected grief or sadness, and had prepared for that, but these folks were basically at each other’s throats! My head hurt so bad I couldn’t wait for it to end.

When it was time to go, I went to thank the Medium for her work, and she proceeded to tell me, “You are a SPONGE for negative energy!”. I certainly couldn’t disagree, my pounding head was a testament to that fact! That little statement totally catapulted me onto the path I follow now, in my endeavors to solve the problem, I discovered it really wasn’t a problem at all! I was not a sponge for NEGATIVE energy, I was a sponge for ALL energy!

Looking back on my days as a franchisee, I remembered how, at so many trainings and events with hundreds of excited and enthusiastic people, I would act (react) in a way that I really couldn’t help. I was known throughout the system, because I couldn’t keep my trap shut! I realize now that I was reacting to the energy in the room. Positive energy: Enthusiastic Angie. Negative energy: Angie with a headache or an attitude problem. Sad or grieving energy: 100% intolerable to me. I avoided grocery stores on the weekends, shopping malls for entire holiday seasons, and events like funerals and memorials altogether. I understand it all now, and if I had had the tools available to me now back then, my life would be much easier. But I’m here to tell you, I was able to get my empathic nature under control, and so can you!

My biggest takeaway from this journey…

Once I began studying energy work and playing in the energy, I discovered these very simple facts: Balanced energy is resilient energy. Balanced energy creates balanced reactions. We can control our own narrative by assessing and balancing our energy systems (Chakras, if you will.), and how we act on the reactions we have set the tone for everything!

It is interesting how your life can shift when you take on energetic balance, I have very little “customer service” trouble anymore, I don’t get sucked into arguments like I once did, and even things like driving are easier nowadays! Many of the “troubles” I had, I discovered, were products of my own extreme reactions. Once I identified the source of the issues, I realized that I couldn’t control what anyone else said or did, I could only control my reactions. (Check out what a session with me is like: CLICK HERE

That is not to say I don’t slip up now and then, if I’m not careful, if I’m in a room full of people with disparate energies floating around, I can get into trouble, but it’s totally easier to rein it in when it does happen. My husband will even go into stores with me again! (There were just those two incidents…)

If you’d like to get some energetic guidance and mini energy sessions, check out my YouTube Channel: Angie ZXUH. While you’re there, maybe you could hit “SUBSCRIBE”? Thanks!


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