I am passionate about energy!
In my endeavor to gain control of how I interact with energy, I acquired certifications in many things, AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing and Meditation, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Akashic Record Reading, Angel Tarot Reading, and so many others.
What I have done is to combine everything I do into transformational services that are unique to the energetic needs of each person I work with.
What I want to do is to help you discover the language you use to interpret energy, so you'll become less reactive, more empowered, and more aligned with your notion of what life can look like for you! Book a 15 minute Zoom discovery chat to see if we're a good fit!
Sessions may include:
  • Energy Assessment and Balancing 99% 99%
  • Crystal Healing Prescriptions 80% 80%
  • Oracle Reading and Psychic Consultation 50% 50%
What People Say
"One of the kindest women Ive come across. She helped me understand my worries, be more confident and most of all, feel a lot better!! She understands you and uses kindness, intelligence and empathy to help you on your path. Thank you Angie for be

Such a Gift! I've had the pleasure of working with Angie several times. Through the Soul Realignment process & oracle cards Angie was able to identify my guides, blocks and where they originated from. Being an intuitive myself I am aware of my guides and blocks, but without any knowledge about me Angie "nailed" them. She is the real deal who's soul sparkles inside and out.

Angie is amazing at tuning in and delivering to you what you need!

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