ZXUH Method: Akashic Record Reading

Have you ever wondered why you do something over and over?

Do you notice patterns in your life that you can’t seem to break or understand?

Do you get feelings of deja vu?

Have you ever gone somewhere you’ve never been that felt strangely familiar?

Learn the story of your Soul! Find out what makes you tick!

I can give you information about your Soul’s origin, this will give you insight on how you operate! Learn patterns of past life choice and action that create misalignment and difficulties in this life! My Akashic Record Gatekeeper and I will go in and update your record to clear and erase those issues, and help you identify new action to keep from falling back into old habits!

The Service:

  • Akashic Record Reading & Report
  • Issue List
  • Spirit Guide Identification
  • Energetic Clearing of Your Record
  • Information on Past Life Details (because they are fun… 😉 )
  • 60-Minute Zoom Session to Deliver Results and Insights
  • 21 Day Homework to Support the Clearing Work
  • PDF With Tips & Tricks to Maintain the New Energetic State
Angie ZXUH Creator of the ZXUH Method

“Your Akashic Record contains all actions, choices, and consequences from all of your lifetimes. Locating the patterns of choice and action that have created imbalances and clearing them can have a powerful impact on your life!”

Angie ZXUH

Akashic Record?

Simply put, the Akashic Record tells the story of your Soul. All of your incarnations, choices, actions, and consequences.

Energetic Clearing?

The clearing and homework resets your record to reflect perfect alignment with your Soul story prior to the issue.


I customize an affirmation statement that you read for 21 days to “set” the clearing into place. It reminds you to take new action.

Angie ZXUH

Creator, The ZXUH Method

I love to do my work in a way that allows me to create individual sessions for the people and places I work with. While the reading portion of the session is the same for everyone, each meeting is unique to the individual, and allows me to help you find ways to move forward and break those patterns!

Visualize. Align. Surrender The ZXUH Method

I Love This Work!

Every time I do one of these sessions and I watch a person have an aha moment, it brings me so much joy! There is so much information to be had, if you just know where to look for it! Identify karma that isn’t yours, actions from past lives that keep you repeating the same things over and over, and so much more! I can’t wait to work with you!


what's in my record?
What IS the Akashic Record?

I see it as a large library that contains volume after volume of soul stories. It is a reverent place filled with useful information, if you know where to look…

Will You Clear EVERYTHING?

No. Think of healing as peeling away layers of an onion. I always do my work with the intention that it is comfortable and appropriate for all concerned so that no one ever suffers a crisis of healing. I don’t believe all spiritual work has to be difficult, but if you delved into ALL the issues from ALL your past lives, can you imagine what a shift that would create? It could potentially wreck your entire comfort zone. Best to do it a piece at a time, and allow some things to fall away naturally as you move more into alignment with your Divine Soul.

What's In The Report?

Oh, I tell you so many things! 

What you are here to experience

Where your Soul originates

How you connect to vital force energy

The report often helps to identify your path and purpose, what is it that your Soul wants you to do?

How often should I do this?

You may do this once, and never again. You may also wish to do a follow up reading in six months or so, to check in and possibly identify new issues and patterns that have come to the surface.

Spirit Guide Reading?

Yes! Through the record I can identify some of the Spirit Guides that are with you, whether you still need them or should invite them to move on to create space for new ones, and even give you their “job” for working with you! If we have time, I will even do a short energy meditation with you, to introduce you to one or two!

How can this be ACCURATE?

Well, I’ve been doing these readings for more than 5 years now. When I first started out, I thought “I know this person of course it’s spot on.” But after I started working with clients I had never met, I was still getting the same accurate results. I kept waiting, thinking to myself, “Is THIS the one that will be 100% wrong?”…I will tell you, I am still waiting! I am so grateful to my Gatekeeper that helps me with these readings, she gives me such good information, then I have the honor of sharing it with you!

My Approach & Philosophy

I believe that the story of our Soul can truly help us live an aligned life that is full of light. The more of these patterns we can identify and clear, the easier it will be to shed the assumptions, judgments, self-doubts, and fears that keep us from that glorious state of neutral.

It can have an impact on relationships, with ourselves, our loved ones, and our surroundings, and it can truly shift your perspective if you dedicate yourself to the clearing and making new choices and taking new actions.

As a person who was once “Zero to Sixty in thirty seconds flat”, I can attest to what a blessing this clearing work has been! A balanced energy creates balanced reactions, which, in turn, creates a balanced life!

Sometimes, all we need is the awareness of who we are at Soul level to help us stop being so hard on ourselves and open up to reaching new heights!

I have taken everything I’ve learned over the years and combined it into the ZXUH Method, I use aspects and elements of everything in all the sessions I do. So we may draw you a card or two, or do an energy meditation to help facilitate the clearing work, you never know! The sessions are as unique as you are!


What People Are saying:

Hi Angie,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know I finished my “homework”. I actually went 3 days over. It had become a part of my morning routine. Already, I feel a dramatic shift in the way I speak and how quickly I respond to people. I feel much lighter releasing the idea of fixing or helping people that really don’t want or need my help. The Soul Realignment came at a perfect time. It gave me validation on the work that I have done and pin pointed so clearly the number one thing I can do to improve the quality of my life. It was great to have this information at this time of year of reflection and intention!

Cindy E

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