The Otter

A guided journey visualization to help you unlock the secrets of your Soul by distracting your ego.

Follow along and see what you can uncover!

About the

ZXUH Experience

Zen Xpands to Unlock Healing

Zen is a state of being that allows for mindful participation in your day-to-day life. Everything that happens sometimes seems to be on a mission to rob you of your Zen. By “Xpanding” your Zen, you can activate and unlock the inherent healing abilities in your body, and it will help you achieve a more balanced and easeful life!


Why the Otter?

These Shamanic types of journeys are so powerful because they have an element to help get your ego mind out of the way. By giving you something to focus on, it distracts your brain and allows you to access the energy. Because ZXUH Experience meditations and journeys come with energetic support, some find it easier to “visualize” while being guided through the journey. If you can imagine, breathe, and focus on your breath and the beat of the drum, you’ll be amazed at what you may discover!

Because this is a “Beta Test” of a meditation I was recently shown by my guides, I wanted to offer it to a group of people at no charge! If you enjoy yourself, I would love a testimonial, but it is totally not necessary, it is a gift enough to me that you show up! I can’t wait to try this one out, and see how you like it!

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